A car is one of the biggest, most important purchases you will make, second only to buying a home. The headaches from an unwise purchase can be equally large.

This is why the Massachusetts Consumers’ Coalition put together the first edition of CAR SMART in 1993. The third edition was posted on the Coalition’s web site in both English and Spanish to expand the public access to the advice in the booklet. See: www.massconsumers.org. The three editions published to date have guided thousands of consumers through the process of finding and buying a car, obtaining satisfactory repairs, and protecting their rights in car-related matters.

This fourth edition of CAR SMART includes some expanded information about buying a car over the Internet and new information on the importance of fuel efficiency. The Coalition is partnering with the Consumer Federation of America to educate the public about the need to make fuel efficiency a paramount consideration in the vehicle buying process. Some helpful tips are included in this new edition. If more and more consumers make fuel efficiency a top consideration in their buying and driving habits the auto industry will respond by developing more fuel-efficient vehicles. We urge all consumers to be smart – reduce gasoline consumption by making informed fuel-efficiency choices.

We highly recommend that you read this booklet to make yourself “car smart”.

Happy Motoring!
Happy Motoring!
Paul Schlaver, MCC Chair
Diane Lawton, MCC Vice-Chair
Jeanne Foy, MCC Secretary
Paul Schrader, MCC Treasurer
This publication of the fourth edition of CAR SMART would not have been possible without the generous support of a financial grant from the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office and also for the grants in recent years from the Consumer Federation of America to the Massachusetts Consumers’ Council, Inc., the non-profit 501(c)(3) educational arm of the Coalition.